Seeing Elemeno Pea

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By Dusting Meyer

You walk in. The scene is set. Posh, yet well constructed décor greets the eye with tasteful composition, which is ironic, for the first few lines that follow are contemporary, profanity-ridden, informal greetings between two sisters who obviously have a lot to talk about.
Wily, witty, and sarcastic Devon, who still lives with the parents and works at a restaurant, is visiting her seemingly superficial and financially practical sister, Simone. Simone has become entwined with a posh crew of elegant and frivolous society people, as an assistant for a wealthy couple. The sisters clash, of course, especially once drama ensues as a result of the mysterious past decisions of Simone's employer, Michaela Kell.
The dynamic of the sisters' complementary yet diverse perspectives drive this character driven story to the point that the writer, Molly Smith Metzler, weaves a magical look into a day that feels all too realistic, in really a perfect way, for this fast-paced present-day American life. The story maintains present tense while drifting back into the curious lives of every character in the play. While the elegant and frivolous characters at first seem trivial, soon the audience is introduced to a deeper texture of their humanity. Much of the charm comes from the fantastic writing and the spectacular, charismatic acting from the cast.
I strongly suggest anyone with a free evening to wonder down to Main Street. Slip in for a wonderfully refreshing, original, attention-piquing tale that will have you laughing at every turn. With an extremely talented cast and a fresh and driven playwright behind your evening, you will thank he stars that Louisville has such a versatile, cutting-edge, and competent theater venue such as Actor's! As a part of the Humana Festival of new plays you should catch this wonderfully enticing play. If you may; you should hurry! Visitors from around the world may already be in line before you!