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Don't let the stress of making a big impression for Valentine's Day get you down! City Concierge of Louisville offers forgetful gentleman services to keep you out of the doghouse. Owner Laura Wallace will do all of the work to make the holiday perfect for your loved one while you can reap all the rewards!
She’s ready to personally serve you the best of Louisville in order to help you show people in your life how much you care. Let her keep track of your important dates and do everything but take credit! Her business is unique and allows her to act as a concierge for anyone needing help getting around the city or with special services like finding transportation or even getting into a jewelry store after hours for relationship emergencies.
“I basically bend over backwards to make anything a client needs happen,” said Laura.
Some of her duties include getting people booked into restaurants, helping them with shopping, making reservations and recommendations, finding the perfect gift, giving tours of the city and making sure her clients have the best possible Valentine's experience in Louisville. She strives to surpass expectations for that person’s taste.
She's known for an array of services like getting guys out of trouble when they forget a birthday or helping someone who has family coming in from out of town. She taps into her vast array of contacts to help people make a good impression on others, whether it is small scale event planning (like a date), entering a shop after hours, or having impressive transportation pick them up. This one woman miracle can help you give your loved one everything they deserve any time of day for a special occasion or for no reason other than to show you care. Have a surprise adventure planned for your significant other; deliver special gifts to your parents; send your boss a brew; let Laura help you get creative and find the perfect way to express yourself “ whether or not you remember when you're supposed to.
“One of my clients bought a car for his wife for her birthday,” Laura explained. “I handled everything; a special menu for her at their chosen restaurant; driving 70 miles to pick up the car; putting a bow on it; storing it at my place; and delivering it.
City Concierge is also the perfect place to get started if you're new to Louisville. Relocation assistance is just one of the many other services she can provide. Her office is at 714 E Market St #201 in the East Market Street neighborhood known as Nulu . The district has an array of awesome art galleries and restaurants that have been part of an “Earth friendly” ripple in Louisville. City Concierge is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday to act as a Nulu visitor's center. Visitors can stop in to inquire about the district, pick up maps, and receive free swag. You can contact her for more info or put her services to use by calling 502-836-4376 or by email at

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