11 Reasons

To Use City Concierge Louisville

The Top 11 Benefits of using City Concierge when in Louisville

1. Efficiency

Save time with personalized recommendations provided by an expert on the all things Louisville.

2. Hit the Ground Running

Be ready on arrival with a unique information packet tailored to meet your expressed needs.

3. Individualized

All our packages are based on your personality and interests, which we recognize as unique and take the time to understand.

4. Local Knowledge

Inside information on local hotspots and events.

5. Exclusivity

Access to events, accommodations, and personalities that only we can provide.

6. Top Treatment

The best seats, the hottest restaurants, personal shopping and gallery viewings are examples of the services we provide our clients each day.

7. Get the Impossible

Late night or early morning, holiday or weekend, we make it happen.

8. No Stress

We do the planning and expedite all arrangements as only a local can.

9. Tiered Service Plans

Packages and pricing are tailored to your tastes and budget.

10. Friendly

A smiling face makes you feel at home, as does our extensive local network and the doors it can open.

11. More Is Better

When others stop at ten, City Concierge will always take the extra step. We are committed to seeing our clients happy, satisfied, and ”no matter how well you already know our town ”pleasantly surprised by what Louisville can offer.