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Down One opens tomorrow.

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Three dollars will not get you a bottle of water at the KFC Yum! Center. Nor will it get you a hot dog, popcorn, cracker jacks or even a cookie. And this is only worth mentioning because starting Monday right across Third Street from the arena, you can take the staircase Down One flight from the sidewalk, pass the wall of bourbon and for three whole US dollars get 4 Bacon-wrapped, gorgonzola-stuffed dates that are as good as they sound from the appetizer menu at Downtown's newest watering hole, Down One Bourbon Bar, and I can't fathom an odder juxtaposition in terms of marginal utility in this city.   It is a good looking room and despite having over 80 bourbons on the menu, including their own proprietary single barrel 9 year old, as well as the...

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Girlfriend Experience in The Balcony

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The cosmos seemed to have taken a distinct turn against social networking the past week. Wall Street Journal reported that Twitter doesn't work according to small business owners. Pew Research Center revealed that more and more Facebook users are taking a break from that website. And a local bar and restaurant had just started to promote their Digital Detox event that will outlaw any contact with one's mobile device for the duration of the evening On the other end of the spectrum, we have Actor's Theater of Louisville and their second The Balcony event where social networking would not only be encouraged, it would be catered to. The confirmation of my tickets came with an attachment that listed their accounts on both Facebook and Twitter as...

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