Actors Theatre:Tom Sawyer Shares His Story

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What does a southern dialect, a dead cat, and transcendentalistic undertones have in common with one another?

They are woven together within Mark Twain's famous novel: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer . Playwright Laura Eason and Director Jeremy B. Cohen come together as a dynamic twosome to display this tale to stages all over the country; including New York, Philadelphia, Denver, and now here in Louisville.

Louisville's Actor's Theatre continues its stalwart season with a well-accomplished cast with backgrounds on Broadway, film, and television. Tim McKiernan rightfully exhibits the free-going personality of Tom Sawyer, engaging the audience in laughter with his dialogue with Huckleberry Finn (Robbie Tann). Onlookers even gasped when the two ˜cut' their fingers for a blood oath.